4 Week Porcelain Paper Clay Course

A delicate touch!

During this 4 week course you will learn a range of techniques using fine porcelain paper clay. Each week you will be shown how to make various paper clay designs with a high quality material. This process may take a more delicate touch but the results are worth it.

At the end of the course your porcelain wares will be safely packaged to take to our studio where it will undergo two kiln firings and glazed to give a shiny transparent layer. Once complete all work will be returned to you to enjoy.

This is a fantastic course for those who want to try a new ceramic process and love delicate work. You will be given demonstrations and guidance throughout the course on a range of ceramic processes and techniques. This course is suitable for Adults (over 18). If you are interested in booking in for a set of classes please get in contact. 

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