Welcome to Potter and Bunny, my name is Sasha McVey and I am the maker behind all of our products. We even have our very own studio mascots Coco and Misty, my pet rabbits and the inspiration behind the name of our business. We’re based in the oldest village in Northern Ireland on the picturesque east coast, Glenarm.

I have always had an interest in making things by hand. This interest has stayed with me through the years and has developed into a passion and business. So when did it all begin? My first piece of pottery comes from my Primary School days where I made my very first piece of pottery and my first encounter with ceramics at the age of 7. I guess in a way you could say this was the beginning, from here I developed my passion for art in school and later went on to study Contemporary Applied Arts at the University of Ulster.

Potter and Bunny is the place to treat yourself or someone you love to high quality handmade products at affordable pricing. Potter and Bunny offer a wide range of ceramic products whether it’s jewellery, homeware or gifts, we have it! You don’t even have to feel guilty as you’re supporting handmade, sustainable wares. We even offer a unique service whereupon we create customised gifts for you, if you’re interested send us a message and together, we can create customised gifts suitable for you and your loved ones.

I am very grateful to everyone for making this journey a reality. Thank You.