4 Week Handbuilding Course

Claytastic fun!

This is the perfect course for beginners as it will cover the main principles of hand building. During the 4 weeks you will learn a range of ceramic processes and techniques to create your very own handmade ceramic creations from  start to finish. Each week you will be given step by step guidance on how to make your ceramic wares using a great beginners stoneware clay. To complete your ceramic wares you will be able to apply pops of colour with a range of underglazes , making your pieces truly unique. 

At the end of the course your ceramic creations will be safely packaged to take to our studio where it will undergo two kiln firings and glazed to give a shiny transparent coat. Once complete all your works will be returned to you to enjoy.

This is the perfect beginners course to hand building for Adults (over 18), which includes some of the main processes and techniques used in ceramics. You will be given step by step guidance each week on these techniques. If you are interested in booking into a course please get in contact.

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