Seaview Primary School Local Wildlife Project

Local Wildlife in Clay!

It was such a great opportunity to go back to my childhood primary school to work on a local wildlife project with all the kids in the school. Each class had so much fun learning about local wildlife while making them into amazing pieces of pottery to cherish. 

Primary 1 and primary 2 learned about local wildlife and identifying them from pictures to recreate  by painting them onto their ceramic tiles. 

Primary 3 and primary 4 learned about ceramic techniques and used a range of mark making techniques to add texture to their tiles before applying underglaze.

Primary 5 ,6 and 7 were taught a wide range of ceramic techniques, from rolling even clay, cutting from a template, ceramic application, joining, mark making and much more to make their owl and squirrel plaques.

This was a great opportunity for the children to learn in a creative way about the local wildlife in the glens and Glenarm itself as well as the fun and creative processes and techniques of ceramics.

When the 2 day workshops were complete, all ceramic works were  fired in the kiln and glazed at our studio. They were later exhibited in the Glenarm Visitor Centre during the Glenarm Walking Festival to allow the next generation of budding Artists  works to be viewed before returning them to the artists themselves.  

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