Northern Area Community Network Ceramic Tea Light Holder Workshop

Let it shine!

In this workshop you will create a ceramic tea light holder. You will be shown how to hand build using a stoneware clay and decorate using a range of ceramic techniques. You will learn how to cut the ceramics to allow the light from your candle to shine through. Once your tealight  holder is built you can apply your own hint of colour with a range of underglazes .

At the end of the workshop your beautiful tealight  holder will be safely packaged to take to our studio where it will undergo two kiln firings and glazed to give a shiny transparent layer. Once complete your tea light holder will be returned to you to display in your home. 

This is a fantastic beginners hand building workshop where you are given step by step guidance on how to create your very own tea light holder. This workshop is suitable for Adults (over 18). If you are interested in booking a community workshop, classes or project please get in contact and we can work with you in choosing the best plan to suit you. 

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